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Work at NATEX

NATEX employs approximately 70 people of many nationalities, 85% of which are dependents of NATO Component members.

NATEX is committed to our mission and those values which promote a professional culture recognizing the importance of mutual respect and a healthy work environment. Our guiding principles encourage open communication and support of one another.
To further strengthen our community, NATEX provides employment opportunities to many spouses and dependents of the members from the E3A Component as well as members of our local community.

Current vacancies
There are currently no joboffers.
Wanting to apply for a job?

Please fill out this application form and either bring it personally
or e-mail it to the NATEX Human Resources Office.

Applicants from outside the European Union; please contact our office to confirm your eligibility.


NATEX Administration Office, Building 74, Main Gate
Monday – Friday 08.00-16.00 hrs.
Tel. 02451-915214
E-Mail hrnatex[at]natex [dot] de