What is NATEX?
NATEX is a different kind of retail store.

NATEX operates retail stores on the NATO air base in Geilenkirchen, Germany as well as the NATO base in Wesel, Germany at tax and duty free prices. NATEX is only open to eligible NATO & US personnel and their dependants.

Some of the products and services offered by NATEX include the following:

  • Groceries, alcohol and tobacco products, fuel and garage services, clothing, footwear, jewellery, fragrance & skin care, electronics, sports and outdoor items, as well as various items for the home.
What does NATEX stand for?
Nato Exchange
How does NATEX support the NATO & US forces?
NATEX supports the NATO & US forces in multiple ways:

  • NATEX contributes a portion of its revenue to support the Morale and Welfare Services branch of each base it operates on. For the year 2015, NATEX contributed over 439,000 euros.
  • At NATEX, donate to and sponsor various NATO clubs and organizations in addition to our annual contributions. In 2015, we donated to, and sponsored over 30 different clubs and organizations where NATO military members and their families benefitted. Go to our donations page for more details. (add link)
  • We see ourselves as more than just a store. We are here to support the personnel. For that reason, we offer many different activities and events throughout the year for the personnel and their families to get involved in. Go to our Social Calendar for more details.
Can US military personnel and their dependants shop at NATEX?
Any US military member and their dependants stationed in Europe or North Africa are eligible to shop at NATEX. US Military members that are on TDY to Europe are also eligible to shop at NATEX. Go to our shopping eligibility page for more details.
Where are NATEX stores located?
NATEX Retail Plus, Convenience Plus, Gas Station, Auto Services
NATO Airbase:
Lilienthalallee 100, 52511 Geilenkirchen, Germany

Schill-Kaserne, Bldg. 67, Bocholter Strasse 6, 46487 Wesel, Germany

How can I contact NATEX?
By phone

  • Convenience Plus Tel. 0049 (0)2451 6207 223
  • Retail Plus Tel. 0049 (0)2451 48451 322
  • Garage Tel. 0049 (0)2451 6207 252
  • Gas Kiosk Tel. 0049 (0)2451 632 670
  • Wesel Duty Free Tel. 0049 (0)2811 642 6694
  • NATEX HQ Tel. 0049 (0)2451 915 2111

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By the HELP AT NATEX page on our website

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What currency and debit/credit cards are accepted by NATEX?
You can pay in your own currency! We accept Euros, American Dollars, and Canadian Dollars using American Express, VISA, MasterCard, EC Card, and Maestro Card (Europe).
Who can shop at NATEX?
Click here for details on Shopping Eligibility
What is a Power Lunch? What is an X-Fest?
A Power Lunch is an opportunity to get out of the office and take advantage of some amazing offers in the convenience of your own lunchtime! These promotions usually run for a couple of hours over lunchtime.

An X-Fest is an major event we hold three times a year. These events typically last 4 days and involve activities, games, food, product demos, industry experts and unbelievable promotions. These events are not to be missed.

Lilienthalallee 100,
52511 Geilenkirchen, Germany
Phone +49 2451 4845111

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Help at Natex

Lilienthalallee 100,
52511 Geilenkirchen, Germany
Phone +49 2451 48451322

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