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Whatever their destination, cargo pilots always prepare for the unexpected. From the lowland jungle-settlements to mountain-high airstrips. Flying like this requires constant adaption to the extremities encountered. Those planes fly with no airco and no heating systems. When there is no comfort to be take from such facilities, the pilots fin the comfort they need in the gear they wear.

PME LEGEND American Classics is a reference and tribute to the cargo propliners that hold a special place in aviation history and that have become legends of the skies. The cargo pilots themselves are the sidekicks of these legends, they give colour to the stories of these silver birds, and detail with their exploits.

PME LEGEND American Classic gear earned it wings in this zone, as an indispensable piece of a cargo pilot’s equipment for withstanding the extremities of hard work and the rapidly changing weather-conditions.


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November 11, 2015

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