You cannot invent a brand. All you can do is shape it and fill it with new life every day. The confidence placed in this brand is a testimony to its success and, at the same time, it represents a commitment to the future.

Paradies stands for quality, value and responsibility, as well as ultimate sleeping comfort and well being. Values that are assuming increasing social significance, which people can appreciate and which give the people who purchase our products the assurance that they can really place their trust in the brand.

As early as 1903, Paradies was entered in the trademarks register in Berlin. This makes it one of the very oldest German trademarks, and during the course of time, it has also advanced to become the most well known bedding brand in Germany. Thanks to the high degree of public awareness it was not long before the brand was included in the nationally and internationally recognised publication on German standards: “Deutsche Standards”. Furthermore, Paradies also became a part of the German brand encyclopedia.

The display of confidence over the generations continuously gives us the good feeling that we must be doing something right.


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November 11, 2015

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